Ways to Help Our California Drought Conditions

Let’s Make Community Open Source Solutions

I was inspired to write this by my home town lake being about to dry up for the first time since I have been alive.  I’m 33 now, so the drought in Atascadero, which is on the California Central Coast, is getting ridiculous.

Hopefully, enough of us our doing our rain dances, thoughts, meditations, or intentions for rain so that this possible el Nino gives us a good soaking.

But, until then we have to suck it up and deal with it.  I was trying to come up with ways that we can build things to hlep out our local water supplies.  These ideas are from ones thrown together that people are using in different places around the globe.

For one, we have some damp and cool nights that put moisture on the ground around the coast.  There are a couple of things we can do to promote the retention of this water vapor.

In some areas of South America, people are seeing success in catching and collecting this fog into buckets.  They use nylon mesh nets that are woven 1 cm by 1 cm.  They collect them in simple rain gutters and direct them into buckets.

It is worth a try to experiment and share with your friends and family so it can be an open source project.

In another way of collecting water, I have seen condensers that can operate in as little as 20% humidity.  These could be easy solutions for some garden water from the air.  LIke I said, we should make groups and clubs to do these projects.

Make it open source and put your results on a free blog.  I have a tutorial for Google’s Blogger platform here.  Or you could follow my Youtube tutorial here if you make some videos with your efforts.

As I expand this article, I will suggest some differnt sources for your to check out.  I am thinking that a simple solar setup could power this condenser for a personal water collection.

Here is a DIY Solar project called the SOLN1.  Check them out:

…and the SOLN1 build:

I will be adding some videos and cheap stuff to check out so we can all invent and enhance some water solutions together.