Hey everybody,

Jared Broker AwakeningI love studying everything strange about this world and our Universe.  I jumped down the “UFO rabbit hole” of information at the end of 2011 and never looked back.

It is really an endless topic and there is a ton of disinformation and crazy claims out there.  It is fun sifting through and striving to feel out the information that feels correct to me.

In my “past life”, or my 20’s, I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman.  I worked surgery as a surgical tech and did a couple of tours in Iraq.  I got out realizing that it was just another illegal imperial war in a long string stretching back through history.

I had a tough time adjusting after getting out of the Navy.  I got sucked in to the world of spiritual awakening and it was quite a hellish path.  Clearing out all the military brainwashing and images of the slaughter in Iraq was a long and arduous process.

The ideas of Jung were helpful as I had to recognize and integrate this huge suppressed shadow aspect of myself that had accumulated over the years.  Now, I finally feel fully awakened to the experience of no self, as Adyashanti suggested.  Turning inward with the help of meditation and Cannabis were the catalysts of my transformation.

The release of my deep depression was the release of all the false labels and categories that I had applied to make this “me”.  There is a zen saying (I think) that goes something like, “don’t let me die without first being annihilated”.  This annihilation is what some call ego death, enlightenment, liberation, etc.

It’s all the same thing.  The common thread is the release of everything that we are told we are.  All of the human words are just worthless labels which we enslave ourselves with.  The simplest acts of letting go have been the toughest, but now I am finally relaxed into this new way of being unified, here now consciousness.

So, now I write about the massive shifts in humanity.  I really do see our destiny as coming together to become a space faring civilization.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I believe we can become a peaceful human race.  It is time for us to unify and focus our lessons learned on expanding into space.

Okay, enough rambling.  These are my motivations.  I hope to provide some insights on this blog to help heal and unify.  Take care.

Jared Broker

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