Keep up to Date with the Quantum Energy Generator News

The Quantum Energy Generator (QEG, pronounced “Kweeg”) is a new free energy device that is taking the world by storm.  You can follow the QEG progress here.

Quantum Energy Generator CoreIt is a resonant energy device modeled after some patents by Nikola Tesla.  This brilliant inventor had free energy generators and electric cars working in the late 1880s and early 1900s..You can get the full details in this interview, or do a Youtube search for QEG:

They were suppressed by business interests who recognized that they would not be able to profit on free energy.  His patents were buried and work confiscated.  For over the past 100 years there have been efforts to reproduce Tesla’s work.  It seems that success is blossoming into the public view.

The project manager is called “Hope Girl”.  Her team is traveling the world sharing the device.  Successful results have been seen in the US, Germany, Taiwan, and Peru.

Money is starting to be pledged for production, meaning this looks like the start of a free energy revolution.  The core of the device is around $3,000 US right now.  As more dedicated people focus on the QEG, I have no doubt that it will be adapted for every kind of energy generation we can think of.

This project is open source, meaning that all the information is freely available to everyone.  Please help share the QEG Home Page (here) so we can all laugh as the oil and coal tycoons go broke!  I want to see the damn powerlines come down too.  How about you?



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