Quantum Energy Generator – Free Energy Device Blueprints

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http://fixtheworldproject.net/quantum-energy-generator.html Hello FTW QEG Friends and Supporters! We are very excited to bring you this update. Because of your awesome support we have been able to accomplish many amazing things for humanity! Here it comes!!!…..The Open Source plans for the QEG will be available at this link by March 25th. http://fixtheworldproject.net/quantum-energy-generator.html We have close to 200 inquiries in over 20 countries from people who intend to create their own cottage industry community unit (CICU) for QEG manufacturing and distribution! We are in the process of gathering contact info and connecting people to make this a reality. But our most exciting news is this…Using the funds raised in our campaign, FTW was able to donate a QEG to the village of Aouchtam in Morocco. The QEG will run a well and supply over 300 people with running water! In addition, the village will be creating their own QEG CICU to manufacture and distribute QEG’s to all of North Africa! For more info on this, please see this link: http://www.gofundme.com/7hyss4 And this…..We are leaving soon to bring the QEG to the world! We will be training 25 students in a factory in Taiwan to build QEG’s. And….Hope Girl will be presenting the QEG at Cobra’s conference in Taiwan http://portal2012.org/Taiwan.html and at the Alchemy Event conference in London. http://fixtheworldproject.net/alchemy-event-conference.html Upon our return in May we will be working out pre-orders for QEG’s and assisting the start up of CICU’s, bringing a QEG CICU to a village near you! So….Things are about to really take off and we couldn’t have done it without your love and support. We are so appreciative and honored to co-create this amazing breakthrough with all of you! Thank you so very much. Hope and family 🙂 http://fixtheworldproject.net/quantum-energy-generator.html

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