Structured Finance: Price Manipulation Includes Silver and Gold (Part One) | Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc.

Posted: September 20, 2013 in News

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Price manipulation is a time-honored tradition in structured finance. There will be abuse anytime there is a price “fixing” or a price set on the basis of a trade.

Instances of abuse are the dragons that “regulators” are supposed to constantly slay. When regulators are too slow, unwilling, or unable to do the job—and if you haven’t been paying attention, regulators have been all three for decades—market professionals take matters into their own hands.


Price manipulation: Business as Usual

Breathless financial media reports focus on “scandals” as if they are extraordinary or shocking events, instead of business as usual. If you trade metals, any commodity, interest rate swaps, foreign exchange, futures, options, CDOs, credit derivatives, stocks, bonds, or any other financial instrument, expect price manipulation. Within limits, price manipulation is tolerated in every financial market. …

Jared Broker‘s insight:

Everything is rigged to favor the few.  Please share these stories.  It will be a huge shock to most when the mass unveiling takes place.  Time to grow up!

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